Here’s What the #WorldCup has to teach you


You would agree with me that there’s truly no other sports event on the planet that comes close to the excitement, passion, pride, and nationalism of the World Cup. People become friends in seconds and everyone comfortably talks to strangers (I’ve been on the receiving end in the past few days)
A lot has been going on at the ongoing 2014 world cup in Brazil. Lots of surprises as well – from the Champion of Africa playing so terribly at the first game , to the Famous Daniel Sturridge Dance, to world class saves by the likes of Mexican goal keeper, to Japanese fans cleaning the stadium after a world cup defeat …and so on. The shocker so far has been the early exist of Spain out of World Cup before Algeria, Ghana and Nigeria.

Not sure, but I hear Spain are Blaming their loss last night on the weather. Apparently it was to ‘Chile’.
Who would have thought the Defending Champions would be out of the competition so early?

As we continue to celebrate victories (go Naija!) and embrace defeats over the next week, here are a few things we can grab from the world cup thus far:

The Best Does not always win – I’m sure Spain never expected to lose so badly, but they did. So if you think everyone out there is way better than you are or your businesses will not get better, then it’s time to have a rethink and work harder on sharpening your skills and refining your business strategy. You might just be the next’ Chile’ to beat your competition.

Always keep your goals in front of you & your fears behind you –Van Persie, Robben, Neymer and Peter Odemwinge have all shown this so far in the world cup. It’s important to set goals and strive each day towards achieving them. Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.

Even if it doesn’t go in, each shot is worth the effort –
If you knew your shot wasn’t going to be a goal, would you take it? Of course! A striker keeps trying until he eventually buries it. Giving up shouldn’t be an option. It’s important we keep trying and giving our best until we achieve what we are set out to achieve. (Super eagles take note)
3. Acknowledge assists, but take credit for your goals.

Finally, keep your surroundings clean! I read on a friend’s blog how Japanese fans displayed their impeccable class on Saturday when, having been soundly beaten by the Ivory Coast, they stayed behind and tidied up the stadium. I thought that was awesome – Great sporting etiquette and moral standing.
That singular act reiterates the importance of always maintaining a clean environment.

Japanese fans cleaning up
Japanese fans cleaning up

Back to the Japanese fans.. If that is how they commiserate… how on earth do they celebrate? Replant the entire pitch? or maybe Clean an entire city of Rio..




What do you enjoy most about the world cup? Share with us!


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11 thoughts on “Here’s What the #WorldCup has to teach you

  1. I agree with you, Emeka. It’s always good to keep hope and faith alive in any situation, no matter how discouraging and hopeless the situation may appear to be. It’s good to continously strive, to keep pushing and to believe that every ugly situation can still be made ‘beautiful’ with doggedness and resilience. Remain blessed.

  2. Emekatalks at his best with your good sense of humour. Nice lessons from the world cup I must say. Thank you for this!

  3. Uh, I’m not a soccer fan, but seriously – Spain?! Out so fast?! Wow! Colour me shocked. I’m with you on these lessons one can take away from something so separate as the World Cup tournament.

  4. “Even if it doesn’t go in, each shot is worth
    the effort “- I like this point most. Just shoot, e enter O, E no enter O. Shoot…. Good work.

  5. Give me the adrenaline rush any day, and the sweet fellowship of other Nigerians fanning the world cup flame!

    I also like how the players from both sides exchange handshakes and hugs after the game. Gives me a fuzzy feeling and the knowledge that in victory or loss, the spirit of the game is that of love.

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