Yes I cannot be You! You might want to ask why. The answer is the obvious. Cos you are You!

Be yourself is about the worst advice you can give to some people. To some this is the hardest battle they can fight.

A lot of people live in self deceit, thinking they have to be like others to be ‘cool’. This is sad. I’m forced to use the word IGNORANCE.

Do you forget that everyone, especially YOU has unlimited potential? Of course I know you haven’t. You just find it a little too hard to believe. Well its the truth. the pool of untapped ability in every person is vast.

It amazes me when I see people make the grave mistake of trying to ”wear some one else’s personality” simply cos they feel it soothes them most.
I really wonder why you would prefer to be someone else. its totally unrealistic.
I’ve grown to learn that the most discontent people are people trying to be something they’re not!
Ever thought of a wood in water? It may remain there for ten years or more but it will NEVER become a crocodile.
YOU are the only YOU that exists so why not remain You. you’re unique in your own way. Do you need someone to Drum that into your ears??

I was born a lefty. Yes over the years I’ve received shots of bleak and dampening comments from people.(My friends in some cases). Some think its wrong, others think its awkward. but did that Change Me? NO, it didn’t. that’s Me, and I’ve always been and would always be proud to wear Me any day.
(though sometimes I’d had to think of left-handed figures like Oprah winfrey, Bill clinton, Barrack Obama just to stay strong.* Laughs*)
Trying to be what you’re not will get you know where. You’ll end up Disappointed and Unhappy. Trust me.

For me, Its better to be hated for what you are than Loved for what you’re not!
Its like living your life like a complete stranger to yourself. Know this: if you walk in someone else’s path, you’ll never leave your footprints.
Its just funny how a lot of people spend huge part of their lives trying to change who they are.
(Micheal jackson’s story might be of help to you here)

Isn’t it obvious you are all you can be?

Too many people over value what they are not and under value what they are. This is very sad.
You’re richer and better than what you think you are. Never judge yourself by your weakness. Be what you are and you’d be at peace with your self. Just do that which is most natural for you and believe in yourself!

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Develop and upgrade your own being. Upgrade your mind. Upgrade your own hard-drive. We must input new data. My input determines my output. Garbage in, garbage out. Good in, good out. You must now download anti-virus software of truth to rid your hard drives of self pity, indecision, doubt, greed, ego, low self esteem. Downloading apps of love, joy and peace to your own soul. You are all You can be. Why Not Be it ?


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5 thoughts on “WHY I CANT BE YOU’

  1. D-boy

    Nice one bro. I love this..

  2. sophia

    Nice piece Emy. Love d way u play with words. Keep d flag flying

    1. emekatalks

      Thank you sophia. Glad you enjoyed reading. Cheers 🙂

  3. obia chiedozie

    Nice one..building up a good Self Esteem

  4. Hillary Michael

    The answer is just as categorical as the question itself. I just can’t be U!

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