Who’s next to YOU?

A couple of weeks ago i discussed a project i wanted to set about with a friend/colleague. This wasn’t huge. quickly he gave me reasons why I shouldn’t go ahead with that, highlighting the wrong mindset and system he already had in place. I received an instant, feeble discouragement. At that moment, nothing was more uninspiring than that.

Lately, I visited a Cinema with another friend. As the movie progressed, we a had a long and healthy conversation. At this point I realised that a single conversation with the right person could seem even more valuable than many years of study.

Yes, friendship is a beautiful thing. Someone rightly said: there are good ships and there are bad ships, but the best ships are Friendships.

BUT who you choose to be your closest friends or associates is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make.
You are most likely to become like those you closely associate with. Both for the good and for the bad.

A true friend is one who brings out the best and not the worst in You. You should feel better not worse when you’ve been around them.
Associating with the right kind of people creates a right atmosphere.

It’s important to always have confident and optimistic people around you.
Confident people are people who believe that things are possible. Unconfident people are the pessimistic ones who are full of doubts. For you to succeed, you must always believe in the possibilities achievable by you. You must be confident, see the positive sides, and consistently be like this. The only way to ensure this fully is to always associate with confident, optimistic people. You must always associate with those who believe things are going to get better, and that life is improving all the time. This will give you the faith to keep going.
When you hang about with confident, optimistic people, your subconscious mind is being programmed with the correct beliefs to succeed. You will be exposed to super optimism and superior mindsets.
This does not happen with unconfident people. Over time, this will have a dramatic and profound effect on the way you see yourself and the world. You will feel good on the inside. You will be optimistic, confident with a “can-do” attitude. You must always keep this up to succeed.
Don’t run around with faithless people. There are people who would always come up with reasons why you can’t do what you want ..ignore them!
The less you associate with some people, the more your life will improve. The more you keep lazy and idle people around you, the more likely you’ll become like them.

Its also important to totally keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.

Your friends have a huge impact on your life. 80-90% of your success can be determined by who you associate with. This is how crucial it is to associate with the right people.

Now take a look at the person next to YOU….


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7 thoughts on “Who’s next to YOU?

  1. the Pundit

    You are next to me sir. LOL Good read.

  2. sade

    you’re on point….

    1. emekatalks

      Thanks sade..

  3. Sade F'ola

    words of wisdom…

  4. obia chiedozie

    Nice one sir!…powerful message you just passed across

  5. Hillary Michael

    Amazing words that keeps you glued to your seat for long. Undoubtedly, I’m inspired!

    1. emekatalks

      Thanks hillary. Happy you’re inspired. Cheers

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