From Nigeria To The Rest Of The World: What You Dont Know About Easter

“In Easter message, Nigeria President Jonathan blames attacks on “global terrorists and misguided domestic accomplices.” This was tweeted a while by the Chief correspondent of the Associated press in Nigeria (@jongambrellAP).

The tweet immediately got me thinking of the random attacks is some parts of Nigeria. These so-called ‘misguided domestic accomplices’ usually schedule their attacks during celebration periods obviously to draw attention nationally. What ever their reasons were is known to them. It’s a shame that some people feel ‘relevant’ by killing others. And the Christians in Nigeria are said to be on the receiving end of suck attacks.

Moving on. I actually woke up this saturday morning wondering why saturday had to repeat itself again!

Wait. was it just me? Or …

Well ufortunately it didn’t. Yesterday(Good friday) felt like a saturday to me. Maybe because it was a public holiday.

Nigeria has a huge Christian population and during christian celebrations the feeling in the air is usually eccentric!

In the Area where I live, the buzz is deafeaning. Hand bills, banners, posters are posted and littered every where. Radio and Tv jingles about Easter Programmes/Events have become more or less anthems. That’s how passionate we are.

I’m pretty sure the moment you saw the title of this post you said to yourself “I think I know everything about easter!. Or is there something I don’t know ?”

Easter is the most important festival in the Christian calendar. It celebrates the resurrection from the dead of Jesus, three days after he was executed. The Easter story is at the heart of Christianity.

On Easter Sunday (tommorow), Christians celebrate the resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ. It is typically the most well-attended Sunday service of the year for Christian churches! – (I’m patiently waiting for signal from PHCN so I can iron ‘my tear rubber’ ‘Easter’ shirt!)

We believe, according to Scripture, that Jesus came back to life, or was raised from the dead, three days after his death on the cross. As part of the Easter season, the death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion is commemorated on Good Friday, always the Friday just before Easter. Through his death, burial, and resurrection, Jesus paid the penalty for sin, thus purchasing for all who believe in him, eternal life in Christ Jesus.

After doing a little research i realised that Christians in some parts of the world have their ways of celebrating and observing Easter.

  • For Many Americans, they follow the tradition of hardboiled eggs and giving baskets of candy. The Easter Bunny is a popular legendary anthropomorphic Easter gift-giving character analogous to Santa Claus in American culture.
  • Also On Easter Monday, the President of the United States holds an annual Easter egg roll on the White House lawn for young children.
  • New York City holds an annual Easter parade on Easter Sunday.
  • In Nigeria and some other countries where Christianity is a state religion, or where the country has large Christian population, Easter is a public holiday.
  • In Canada, both Easter Sunday and Easter Monday are public holidays.
  • In Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, both Easter Sunday and Easter Monday are public holidays.
  • It is a holiday for most workers except some shopping malls which keep open for half day. Many businesses give their employees almost a week off called Easter break.
  • In some cultures rabbits, which represent fertility, are a symbol of Easter.
  • In the United States, Easter Sunday is a flag day but because Easter falls on a Sunday, which is already a non working day for federal and state employees, it has not been designated as a federal or state holiday.
    Few banks that are normally open on regular Sundays are closed on Easter.
  • All for Easter!

    I’m Excited by the season and I’m sure you are too! Happy Easter! 🙂

    If you know how Easter is celebrated or observed in other places not mentioned. Feel free to share! **Feel free to also share Easter gifts with me 🙂


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