Why Obama sent Jack Bauer and the US Marines to help Nigeria

Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama

If you watched the popular 24 tv series, then you already know who Jack Bauer is – you know any president or leader will go to sleep once Jack is on top of any situation. If you’ve never heard of him, i advice you should google that name. Well the truth is, the US didn’t exactly send Jack Bauer to Nigeria (Of course he’s just a movie character!). But they have just sent some agents over. Possibly guys as smart as the movie character.

The world economic forum just kicked off in Nigeria amidst worldwide demonstrations over the kidnapped schools girls with the popular hash tag #BringBackOurgirls all over the social media. So far the African business Community has voted $10 million under the safe school initiative to make schools in Nigeria safe especially in the north.
For the past few days, President Goodluck has been criticized and judged as being slow in his response to the recovery of the missing school girls.

Frankly I think it will be an unfair judgement if we think the president has not intensified efforts in the search for the girls. Maybe we aren’t seeing enough evidence – pictures, videos etc – on the media and so it’s okay to trade blames and express frustration all day on social media. Yes, we are all sad, and from the Media Chat we watched fews days ago, the President too appeared worried just as everyone else is.

Nations and individuals all over the world have shown overwhelming support in the cause to recover the missing girls. CNN has literally been on top of the matter for a few days now. Influential people all over the world from Michelle Obama to Drake to Omotola and countless others have publicly declared support for the cause.  Another surprising twist is the recent announcement by an ex-militant, Asari Dokubo, claiming that the Chibok kidnap is a well planned scam and the girls do not really exist. We do not even know what to believe anymore.

Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer

However, I felt some bliss when the US announced they will intervene to help train security agents and assist in the search for the girls. We hear Jack Bauer the Marines have already arrived Abuja. Even though some people for some reasons frowned at that, I think there’s nothing wrong in a Nation offering to genuinely help another nation.I think it shows deep concern and love for safety of it’s citizens.  It’s really commendable that world powers like America and France have shown deep concern and commitment in assisting Nigeria.

Same goes for  our businesses, our careers, and our relationships with other people. Genuine care and concern towards us during difficult times are always priceless.
Nigeria as a nation needs all the help it can right now and even more.No genuine concern for others going through tough times is ever enough. The goal here is to recover those girls no matter what it takes.

We can only hope that the efforts of the security agencies and Jack Bauer the US Marines will eventually lead to the rescue of the Chibok girls, gradually erase #BringBackOurGirls from our memories and the energy channelled to series of blames and criticisms will be diverted towards profering scalable solutions to moving the nation forward.


What are your sincere thoughts about #BringBackOurGirls?

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9 thoughts on “Why Obama sent Jack Bauer and the US Marines to help Nigeria

  1. Mr. D

    hmmm… Nice one Emekatalks.. And to think that a new season for the 24 T.v series just premiered on May 5 2014.iJust cant wait

    I think there are alot of conspiracies against the FGN when it comes to the Missing Girls Saga. The Borno Govt. Still has alot of questions to answer.
    1. Waec was against the school being used for the exams. The school convinced or will I say Confused waec that adequate security wld be provided for them which really never happened.
    2. The School’s Principal has an appartment within the school premises why was she absent on that day? And no house master slept in the school that day.
    3. How possible is it for over 200 girls to be registered for Waec in far North East(a place they dnt encourage girls so much to acquire education)? So if there are missing girls at all, I suspect inflation of their number.
    4. I learnt in a rumour that immediately they were kidnapped the state Governor rushed and handed 1million Naira to each Parents. What for?
    5. Up until now no Parent was seen to have come forward with name or Picture of his or her Daughter
    6. And it seems some Borno Senators in the Upper Chamber are dully informed as to have been the first to inform us of the plan of the insurgents to sell the girls.
    7. The First Lady invites some stakeholders from the state the wife of the state Governor boycotts it with the fable that she wants to be with the parents of the missing girls.
    I could go on and on but let me stop here for now. There is more to this event than meets the eye. Some truths are still hidden.

    Now coming to the help, some Nigerians are skeptical because most times this kind of assistance comes with a cost that might turn out being so high. But we pray that the help will be ‘GENUINE’ as you hope. I wouldn’t want to delve into the politics behind such assistance. All the same whatever that can be done to solve this mystery let it be done

    Nice one Emekatalks.

    1. Emeka

      You already went on and on Mr D. lol .. Very Interesting points. There’s really so much twist to the entire story. We can only watch and see how it all plays out..

    2. uchey

      Now those are some real questions which I hope get answered. All I smell here is conspiracy and well played scheming. Can’t wait to see the end of this.

  2. Eva

    Nice one,Mr D! evrything abt ds whole kidnapping issue luks/sound or seem like a mystery. ‎​ can’t wait to knw abt d outcome.

  3. Walter

    There’s a magnitude to this whole issue that average Nigerians are not privy to. And as such all we have are questions. Questions. And more questions. And we’re on a long road, a long journey in the pursuit of answers. What am I saying? I’m tired of venturing opinions to this issue. If there are girls to be rescued, if the entire thing is a sham, whatever is plaguing this country, let us remember *in first lady voice* Diaris God o!

    1. Emeka

      Hahahaha! there is a God indeed

  4. Adaeze

    Mr D I couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve said.
    Emeka, I like your blog already! I’m still looking round and hoping to get a guided tour soon. Keep up the good work.

    1. Emeka

      Thanks Ada! feel free to get a bite of everything here 🙂

  5. wole

    The callous wait to see how it would play out is what made President Jonathan run into the culdesac he has presently found himself.

    Mr D’s submission of a possible inflation in the number of female students in the ‘far North’ where education is ‘allegedly’ a ‘haram’ is also a reflection of the deep-seated ignorance of most Southern Nigerians about the whole North, an attitude that has led to the majority self-conceited but numerically dominant irredentist Northerner take charge of the resultant political vacuum created by the aloofness of the ‘egg-headed’ self-deluding Southerner.
    Some areas in the ‘far-North’ populated by largely ‘animist’ masquerading as committed Christian (oftentimes, more fundamentalist) than the their animist correspondent masquerading as a Northern Muslim, are peopled by Nigerians who are superbly better educated and widely more traveled than their Southern abrogates.
    Western education got to places like Zuru, Chibok, Biu, Jega and Doko earlier than Ijebu, Ngwa and Eket.
    Therefore, if the mad Boko Haramites want to hurt innocent young ones and indeed, if our security forces were well-motivated, such places should have been better secured before that looney laid his hands on those cherubes.
    I am getting further enlightened about how jaundiced my fellow country men are and the dangers ahead of our dear nation, because many youths are not very different from the frankenstein calling himself Abubakar Shekau.
    The duty to save our Motherland should start with self-education and wide travels in humility and hunger for knowledge!

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