Things we often Forget to Be Thankful For


Today, I heard someone say that “Gratitude turns what we have into enough”. That phraseology completely resonated with me. A marketing strategist, Charles E Gaudet, took it further when he said that even in business “If you want to show your #Customers that you truly appreciate them, then taking time to craft a personalized message can go a long way.”

Often times we forget to appreciate the things we have, the people we have around us. When a new day begins, we should dare to smile gratefully and start each day with a grateful heart.

Here are a few things we often forget to be thankful for:

  •  You are alive to see today
  • You know someone who loves you.
  • Your landlord hasn’t called yet to fume about his rent
  • Your family and friends
  • The Lastma official miraculously allowed you go even though you clearly disobeyed the traffic light
  • You have access to clean drinking water.
  • You have access to medical care.
  • You can read/you have access to he internet

What if today we were grateful for everything?


PS: I am totally grateful to you for always finding time to read this blog.



 What do you forget to be thankful for?

We’d love to read your thoughts!

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8 thoughts on “Things we often Forget to Be Thankful For

  1. Mr. D

    This Piece is a good reminder of what we ought to do always. Thanks emekatalks, and you’re welcome. Let me also say that I do not regret reading your posts. Grace!

    1. Emeka

      Thanks Mr D! Always good to have you here 🙂

      1. Mervie

        Everything is said. We should be able to express our gratefulness whenever a service is rendered to us. And i think a simple “Thank You” can change somebody’s Day. Thanks

  2. Soji

    I luv the ‘Lastma’ bit !! I appreciate it more being Lagos born!!

    But seriously though – following on from your opening line about gratitude being the turning of what we have into enough – Michael Hyatt also sums it up nicely when he says ‘Regardless of our culture of perceived scarcity—or our individual circumstances—we all can point to assets, blessings, and gifts in our lives. And I couldn’t agree more.

    Emeka, I love your post. Great job!

    1. Emeka

      Thanks Soji! I like the way Michael articulated that. If we really find time to pause and reflect, we’d realize there’s always more than enough to be thankful for. Thanks again for reading 🙂

  3. frances

    I’m grateful for life…
    Mega grateful for the opportunity to live in purpose and still impact others positively before I leave.
    I’m grateful for sight..eyes with which I read this posts…
    Grateful for fingers, with which I am typing this right now.
    I am grateful for absolutely everything.

  4. Yemisi Agusto

    Ahahaha Emeka!
    I’m grateful that I can still enjoy this post, although you wrote it in December.
    I’m grateful for you in arrears, that LASTMA released you that day.
    Nice one! Thanks for the laughs!

    1. Emeka

      Haha! Thanks Yemisi. I’m grateful that you are grateful 🙂

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