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8 common habits you must control today


We all have different habits – good or bad. It has been said that we ultimately become what we repeatedly do. In other words, If your habits aren’t helping you, then they’re hurting you. there are certain habits that we must begin to control today. I have been a victim of such habits. These habits are simply… Read More

13 Easy Ways To Kill Procrastination Right Now

kill procrastination - EB

We all procrastinate at some point in our lives. The phrase “i will do it later” has become an anthem for some people. Putting it off until “later” is not something uncommon we say to ourselves, especially when Facebook, Twitter and Blackberry messenger are a click away. But when it comes to work, procrastination definitely… Read More

Why You Must Choose Your Words Carefully


It’s the weekend already and I am pretty sure you have several ways to relax already planned out. You’ll probably want to go to the movies, stores, or just relaxing with friends. Yea everybody wants that – of course All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. (Cliché but very true). But it’s… Read More