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The problem with expecting too much


The first time I made cold calls to some prospects, I wired my brain to claim the right that people have an obligation to like me and be nice to me. Unfortunately it didn’t happen! I spoke to different kinds of people, the nice, the arrogant and even those that literally barked at me over… Read More

I want you to be happy


  I was a member of the Band & choir back in secondary school, from JSS1 through SS3. I was arguably the best drummer in  the world Nigeria. Obviously that isn’t true. But I loved playing drums. I remember clearly how we would race to the band store room to ‘seize’ the drum sticks just… Read More

How the Traffic Light can improve your life

Photocredit: taglov.com

It’s funny how some ‘sharp’ Nigerians Disrespect the Traffic Light – especially the Stop sign. It’s a really simple instruction – red says STOP. Yet, you would see some people speed pass as soon as the red light shows up. And afterwards feel like they are some sort of a  super-hero if they are not… Read More

8 common habits you must control today


We all have different habits – good or bad. It has been said that we ultimately become what we repeatedly do. In other words, If your habits aren’t helping you, then they’re hurting you. there are certain habits that we must begin to control today. I have been a victim of such habits. These habits are simply… Read More