How the new Pepsi long throat bottle can solve all your problems


If you followed the Naija twittersphere in the last few days, you must have stumbled on the ‪#‎ThingsiLongThroatFor‬ hash tag initiated by Pepsi Nigeria – the heated conversations that has enjoyed some consistency on social media, further reinforcing the clout of digital.

Pepsi’s narrative for the campaign appears to have clearly been informed by an insight that Nigerians are aspirational in nature and would naturally jump on anything that allows them express their desires; which they brilliantly tied to their new 60cl ‪#‎PepsiLongThroatBottle‬ that still sells at the same price. And i think that worked, as the conversations are enduring.

Yes, this 60cl bottle will solve your immediate problem if you’re extremely thirsty, but obviously not all your problems. I am sorry if you’re reading this hoping it will. Please forgive me.

Back to Nigerians. It is interesting reading what we long throat for. And it is even more interesting to know that Nigerians are truly very optimistic people.

In the Nigerian pidgin lexicon, #Longthroat could either mean greed or an extreme wish.

What some Nigerians longthroat for…

That hashtag got me thinking. How about Narrowing down the things we long throat for to personal goals that we can deliberately set our minds to; and work towards achieving them.

Think about #LongThroating for something setting goals…and reaching them..

Achieving #Longthroat dreams and creating the future we want always begins with one important first step right? A goal. Whether you’re looking to help your siblings set academic goals or have your own career, financial or self-improvement goals for the year, there is a science to setting and meeting them.

While most resolutions (esp. New Year) are notoriously short-lived, a clear process will put any objective you’ve set for yourself within reach.

How about applying deliberate steps to the most important goals to us, on that important #LongThroat dream. A process that can take even less that hour!

How about we take a few minutes to write about the future we #LongThroat for we’d like to achieve. It’s okay to start with a vague idea, as long as we include as many specific details as possible.

Think about looking at the future you’ve envisioned for yourself, and picking six specific and attainable goals that could help you achieve that #LongThroat future.

Then numbering these goals according to their order of importance.

And then looking at each goal and writing a paragraph about how achieving that specific step will benefit you.

And for each goal, we break it into smaller more manageable steps.

Then Identify obstacles that may get in the way and come up with a possible strategy for overcoming them should you need to do so.

And finally, write about our commitment to reaching these goals and commit to them.

That simple. It sounds pretty easy, but taking the step of committing these goals to paper and working through these steps, can be tough but would lay the groundwork for success in the long run. And who knows, your #LongThroat may just become a reality some day.

A goal is simply a dream #LongThroat with a deadline.

I’m still thinking.

What are your thoughts?


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12 thoughts on “How the new Pepsi long throat bottle can solve all your problems

  1. Hi Emeka

    What a great way to tie the Pepsi commercial to our Self development.

    You are so right if we could #LongThroat for a goal, just imagine what we could accomplish. Thanks for sharing. Have a swell week.

  2. This strikes me “Think about #LongThroating for something setting goals…and reaching them”

    Not just Nigerians, all humans are ambitious and the fact that we are humans makes us fallible. I can’t joyously say I’ve achieved all my goals this 2015.

    I love this success strategy connecting it with the Pepsi’s LongThroat campaign. I can set goals and deliberately long throat to achieve them for a set time. I’m just able to see things this way. Thanks


    1. Adenike, I am glad you are able to achieve your goals in 2015 – that is simply amazing! Now imagine what happens if you keep that attitude of setting and reaching your goals all through 2016; you’d simply astound yourself! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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