Why it’s Okay to get Angry



I have watched Pharell William’s Happy video over 300,000 times (Obviously that isn’t true). But for some weird reason that video keeps me smiling each time I watch it and I’m always forced to dance to the rhythm- Even though I’m not exactly a good dancer. Well if you don’t like the video, you don’t need to worry because it has absolutely nothing to do with this post.

Everyone wants to be happy. It’s naturally a wonderful feeling. But while I think being happy is great, there are times when we need to recognize WHY we should get angry – When to release anger. I’m not saying you should instantly become angry or force anger on yourself, NO!

There’s really nothing wrong in getting angry and I’ll tell you why.

After my phone Crashed last month – a time I didn’t expect it to – I realized the importance of anger. (That isn’t exactly true)

Have you ever been told to stay calm, respond instead of reacting, or to turn the other cheek only to be slapped the second time??

For a short time I thought this was OK, but that’s not the case. Anger is necessary; it’s an emotion that should be used and not suppressed.

The Truth is:

It’s okay to get angry when you lose someone you Love.

It’s okay to get upset when despite all the efforts and campaigns for #BringBackOurGirls, our girls sadly are still at Large.

It’s okay to get angry when you’re expecting to go to the Cinemas to Watch Chimamanda Adichie’s adaptation of HOAYS and NFVCB delays it’s release without any explanation just yet.

Of course it’s okay to get Angry when you need to use your phone and PHCN strikes the moment you plug it in the socket to Charge.

It’s okay to get angry when someone hurts you. Everyone is human.

It’s totally fine to get angry when you’re Broke.
Unexpected circumstances have left you broke, you’re barely scraping through to be able to feed, but at the same time, you have dreams and goals you hope to achieve someday soon. But it’s impossible (right now). The frustration! It’s normal that at some point you get angry.

It’s okay to get angry when someone takes you for a fool.
You’re always helping other people out. You’re kind and happy most of the time, and you would do anything to see others be happy. Then someone abuses you, they take advantage and takes your kindness for weakness. What are you going to do? Well, maybe you’ll warn them not to take advantage of you. But they continue, so what do you do now? It’s Okay to Use your anger to let them know you are not someone who allows others to walk all over them!

It’s okay to get angry when someone you love cheats on you.
I think this goes without explanation. Like they say “the truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

It’s Okay to get angry when the system isn’t working. You see the Rich become richer and the poor become even poorer!

It’s okay to become furious when someone steals from you.

Anger is okay

Anger is actually a release mechanism that allows us to deal with things that are not right. Anger is a necessary part of life, even if nobody talks about it.

Anger is temporary, but useful. It’s useful because it’s a release of an emotion and also because it can guide you to take action on the things you don’t like! For example, if you don’t like something in your life that does make you angry, it can allow you to make changes to improve your life. Anger drives people to demonstrate on the streets over a government’s unfavorable policy. Anger causes people to take that bold step to walk away from relationships that isn’t growing them.

I’m hoping this “uncommon” way of looking at anger improves our lives and also allows us deal with issues responsibly.



What are your thoughts? Share with us!

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19 thoughts on “Why it’s Okay to get Angry

  1. Ene Abah

    What a way to put it, the sad part about not getting angry is that while a hurt person is musing over things someone may have done, the other is oblivious and life goes on! Good read 🙂

    1. Emeka

      Thanks for reading, Ene..

  2. Walter

    ‘It’s okay to get angry when you’re expecting to go to the Cinemas to Watch Chimamanda Adichie’s adaptation of HOAYS and NFVCB delays it’s release without any explanation just yet.’ You damn str8 its okay to get angry over that. Ah ah! Kilode!

    But on a serious note, there’s much truth here. We should all be happy. But often times anger is good. Its refreshing. The good kind of anger, that is.

    Becos the bad kind is just ugly.

    1. Emeka

      Exactly! Expressing our sincere displeasure towards a situation(we don’t like) or actions of others could pass as a ‘good’ kind of anger.

  3. Piper Bayard

    I agree that anger definitely has its place. Always good to cool down before acting, though. The old saying goes that a man shows his stripe by how he handles his money, his alcohol, and his temper, and there is a great deal of truth in that.

    I think many of society’s evils continue to perpetuate because people allow their instincts to be courteous to override their common sense and their sense of self-preservation. As you rightly point out, when someone screws us over, it’s normal and healthy to get angry. If more people speak up effectively when others behave badly, there wouldn’t be so many people behaving badly out there. The trick is to speak effectively and not just make asses of ourselves. Thank you for your post.

    1. Emeka

      Great point! The trick is to speak up effectively when people act badly. I like that one. Thanks for swinging by, Piper.

  4. Naijamum

    It’s okay to get angry, even our Lord Jesus Christ, in anger and frustration drove out those who turned His Father’s house into a den of thieves by buying and selling. He threw out all their ‘jagbajantis’ and whipped them with cane. I don’t know how this world would be without anger. It is anger that makes you want to improve your situation, anger drives you, you get outraged, seek information, get informed, become inspired and drive yourself hard till you achieve. Please let’s get angry.

    1. Emeka

      Abi o. I totally agree with you. Most of the time, Anger is the driving force we need!

  5. Mr. D

    As humans Anger is inevitable but in your anger do not Sin. Get angry and try overcoming it as quickly as possible.

  6. Adaora Onyenede

    The best anger is voicing it out! If you have to cry do so, if yelling is the only way out fine ,but never supress anger because it could be deadly when accumulated. Suppressed anger could make you sad,depressed etc thereby making you vulnerable to certain illness.We are designed to function in a certain way; to exhale you must inhale and vice versa. Everything should be done moderately. People who express their anger has higher tendency to forgive easily but higher risk of high blood pressure if its not controlled. In just one word “moderacy” is my main point. Work on yourself.

    1. Emeka

      Well said Adaora. well said.

  7. Yusuff Busayo

    I sincerely agree that I get turned off by a couple of things (we all do). And it’s quite okay to release your vexation. But for folk who tend to ‘lose it’ whenever they permit anger, I guess this could be tough. It scares me silly (often) to get angry cos truth be told I tend to always ‘lose it’ eventually. Nice side to it though Bro.

    1. Emeka

      Good point Yusuff. Biko try not to lose it o hehe.. Thanks for swinging by.

  8. yung kellyjay

    This is really great,as if you are talking to me…I love this because am a writer too..keep it up bros emeka you will be supprise we this will land you.actually I think we can do somethin together on my upcoming concert titled:”THINK BIG”08106097266 pls give me a text

  9. TheGreatValue

    Be Angry But Not To The Extent Of Regretting Your Reactions.

  10. mateyscott

    I definitely agree with your thoughts and with the comments.
    Anger is part of life. Repressing it to your subconscious is terrible because the day the dam will be broken and it will defintely break, an irreparable damage might be caused. Always express your anger, just in a safe place if you know your anger is the destructive type. You can also let your anger fuel your passion and your desire for change.

    Don’t let me start preaching on the good anger can cause. I dare say anger is one of the reasons why society has really evolved. insightful post.


    1. Emeka

      Yes o. Anger is part of life and has the good side to it. Thanks for reading mateyscott..

  11. ujuh

    I like how you put it, Emeka. I’ve realised letting our displeasure fester for so long only makes us blow a more destructive gasket when it’s eventually let out.
    In all let moderation be the key. Sometimes our momentary outburst may lead to a bigger distress for us.
    Take a step back, think, then act accordingly. The book of proverbs did say a soft response turns away wrath….unlike a harsh one.

    I believe in having control over our emotions–feel it, but know when to ‘act’ it. Timing is always the key 🙂

    Thank you for a wonderful read.

    1. Emeka

      Good point Uju. I totally agree..

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