North Korean threats: A thirst for Relevance?

North Korea has turned to a ‘Celebrity’ country (at least at the moment) if you ask me. Won’t be surprised at all if some folks in Holly wood are already working on a film. Who knows. Arguably they’re the trending country at the moment. As a matter of fact, a few hours ago I typed in the key word “North” on Google – and Google confidently suggested “korea missiles” for me. How Kind of them.

Please note, I am not writing this because I want to get to the root of the situation or because I want to volunteer to resolve anything. Obviously I’m just one person, there’s really no way I can resolve thrift between countries from my humble bedroom somewhere in Nigeria. Absolutely No way. I’m writing this because I’m worried and at the same time concerned. I’m sure you are too about – turning on the Tv and its littered with news about North Korea. I Flip through twitter from my smart phone and its the same story. I’m not so much of a facebook fan but I’m sure North Korea is popular there too. If you’re confused and wondering what I’m about. I’m sure you must have heard or read that since the latest UN sanctions, North Korea has unleashed a salvo of threats against the US and South Korea, even vowing to restart operations at its main nuclear complex.

Now, even though I doubt that missile, if launched, would come any where near where I live, I am heavy-hearted.

“I have nightmares sometimes. Dark, sinister, gut-wrenchingly scary nightmares involving assault, bully and sometimes… Never mind, but not even in my worst nightmare have I been terrorized by a demon so diabolical, so merciless, and with such bad hair, as Kim , the President of North Korea.” (I didn’t say that, someone else did, please)

Ok. Moving on. As the North Korean security crisis escalates and the nuclear threat to America mounts, the whole scenario is beginning to look like a horror version of a Will Ferrell movie to me. I mean, what is Kim Jong-un thinking? Surely he realizes that a missile strike against America would start a war that could result in the complete annihilation of North Korea.

But then it hit me with all the force of a nuclear missile that all this posturing by Kim Jong-un may really not be just about attacking America. Could he be seeking relevance? Power? Or what?!.

But what is relevance?
The popular conception of the word springs from a moronic sense of etymology. “Relevant” comes from the present participle of relevāre, which means to raise or lift up.

Yes, naturally as human we seek attention because we want to be relevant. Could it be that the North korean leader is enjoying all the Media Hype?

Now, I laughed really hard when I read on twitter that “South Korea says the only “launch” in Korea worth worrying about is PSY’s new single “Gentleman” released on Friday.”



Seriously I LAUGHED OUT LOUD. Some other funny pictures are also littered all over the social media.

Now, as funny as that may sound this might really be something that should be taken a little more seriously.
I mean, North Korea has the 4th largest army, one of the largest special forces and also one of the largest submarine fleet in the world.

It may also be important (after joking about North Korea) to examine how much of a threat North Korea really poses to the US and its Asian neighbours.

Come on, North Korea have frequently employed bellicose rhetoric towards its perceived aggressors.

The US is often centre-stage. There are cases where the threats are geared towards getting on the radar particularly of the White House, which tries to ignore North Korea as a matter of policy. Pyongyang’s message is – you cannot break us, we will not go away, you have to deal with us!

Now, before I procceed to google to download PSY’s Gentlman (I hope it’s worth it though) – Jim Hendrix wrote ” When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.

Micheal Franti puts it best “You can bomb the world into PIECES, but you can’t bomb it into PEACE.

The World needs PEACE not unnecessary Threats of NUCLEAR WAR.

Shouldn’t these World Leaders just embrace Peace and Hug each other?


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7 thoughts on “North Korean threats: A thirst for Relevance?

  1. Hello stranger,its always nice to meet other Nigerian bloggers on WordPress . That being said I still don’t understand the issue between North and South Korean. For crying out loud they are the same Blood. I just hope Nigeria never gets to this point. All in all your post was an interesting read.

    1. Hi audrina, good to know you’re Nigerian too. I wonder o – Exactly why I suggested a mutual ‘Hug’. I also know Nigerian won’t get to the point of nuclear threats. (Ha! I can’t even imagine that)
      Thanks for reading 🙂

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