New year resolution this, new year resolution that… lol. We all know that it’s that time of the year where everyone starts to set goals for the new year. Don’t get me wrong, setting goals is a very healthy and wise thing to do, in fact, it is what we should all do to measure our general growth over time. But, sometimes they just end up on that one page in our notepad. (I just shook the table)

Okay, this article is not to advise you on how to follow through on your resolutions (I’m sure there are a zillion blog posts about that now, just search for them). But, I’d still like to tell you to try so well to set goals and follow them through in the new year in this one sentence. Done!

Now, let’s move on to the businezz of the day. The reason for this post is to tell you to maintain your sanity in the process of meeting your set goals for the new year.

P.S. Once you write down your new year resolutions and you’re determined about smashing those goals, there’ll be a lot of expectations. And, it will really dawn on you when you see others meeting their goals, and you’ve not met yours. In fact, if you live in Lagos, (gbam!) it’s worse: talking bout the crazy traffic, demanding 9-5, the rush hours, the early mornings and the late nights arrgh … you know them.

But, fear not, especially if you’re a newbie to this. I’m here to share something that might be helpful. Below are a list of things that helped me maintain my sanity this year no matter what:

  1. I wrote down my new year resolutions from last year – with the help of my bestie: First of all, note the part where I mentioned my bestie. It’s important to have good people around you who genuinely care and look after you. She served as my accountability partner all the while, and helped me stay true to my goals. Now that you’ve written down your resolutions, share with someone you trust, who has your time, and also goal oriented like you. Then, ask that you both be accountability partners till the end of the year. Fix dates that you can check on each other from time to time – this will not only help you personally, it will also help with your relationship with that person; and make you develop good accountability skills.


  1. I was true to myself: Even though I had big dreams (I still have big dreams), I was realistic. I paid attention mostly to the most feasible, attainable and important goals than the rest. But, I didn’t write off my big dreams. Is this how you wrote your goals too? Are you being realistic with them? Did you write down things you can achieve? And how important are they to you?


  1. Sometimes, I didn’t take myself too seriously: Hehehe… I don’t know if this will work for you. But, it did bring me back to my sanity when I was starting to lose it. Sometimes, I’d take a day off from the world, and admit it that I was stressed from interacting with the world. Other times, I would randomly tell someone about something I feel I should be an adult about and not tell anyone. Loosen up a bit. Sometimes, bring back the child in you who is carefree. In fact, where did you dump your sense of humour?


  1. I did introspections from time to time: I constantly checked myself inwardly to see if I was on the right track…did this mostly when I felt something was threatening my peace. Meditate, do some reflection. A secret: try the restrooms, sometimes, the reason why I spend more time in the restroom is because I do some reflection there. Whenever you feel like you’re going off track, try and introspect.


  1. I took my Christian faith seriously: As a Christian, if I don’t do my devotion in bed before I start my day, I do it on the street, on the bus, at work, or anywhere as long as i connect. If you’re not a Christian, but you have a faith, don’t throw it away. Find time to connect no matter what; don’t let your goals (which your faith can help you with) distract you from connecting with the divine.


  1. Yeah, I had a financial plan too: The major part in my plan is my spending budget. There was a budget for everything I wanted to do in a month. I usually write it out before I get my credit alerts. Also, following personal finance gurus on social media helped me get certain tips on how to invest and save wisely. So, do you have a budget you work with every month no matter what comes your way, except for unforeseen circumstances – even that requires you to put aside emergency funds apart from your usual savings.


  1. I’m always myself: While setting your goals, who did you have in mind? And who did you set the goals for? You right? So, why should you then change from being you? If you change, would your goals still resonate with your person? Even if you have mentors and role models you look up to and want to be like, you’re different from them. I have people I look up to and wish to be successful like them, but I usually remind myself that their journey in life is not exactly mine and their purpose – this is why I’ve stayed true to my person.

I hope that this has been helpful for someone who made it to this year with so much hope, goals and resolutions. I wish you the very best in achieving them. Also, if you have a thing or two to share that might help me or someone else while hustling this year, kindly drop in the comment section.

I wish you a joyful and prosperous year.




Feyisola is an introverted extrovert in her 20s; still evolving but not taking chances. She’s a Christian, lover of nature and art. A fashion/human development enthusiast and content girl among other things.  To connect with her, follow @feyisola_ologan on IG and Twitter; Feyisola Ologan on LinkedIn.

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