Monday: How To Avoid A Heart Attack Today

I am quite sure You would agree with me on this one that monday is the most hated day of the week. (Well maybe not for you)

But I do know for sure most people hate starting their week.

Please Note: even though I may end up telling you how you could avoid a heart attack today, I am not a Doctor.

Moving on.

It has become a routine for young people to scream the classic phrase “Thank God its Friday!” all over the internet and social media “. Even when the friday is boring. (Sometimes I find myself struggling to resist the temptation of putting up Display pictures like some of my friends do)

Every one is excited about the weekend. You want to relax, celebrate, jolly, unwind, or whatever you want to call it. Nigerians especially Love the weekends, kaii. we love to party and “jollyficate”. – Explains why if your music does not rock enough to be played in parties and clubs or at least make people dance, then you’re likely not to “Blow”. Very sad.

But why then is Monday so hated? A beginning of a fresh working week. Why oh why

Recently I was surfing the net and I stumbled upon some shocking facts about monday.

Did you know that Almost 50% of employees are late to work on Mondays!

Yes, researchers have noticed and are claiming on various forums, journals and talks that employees find it hard to believe that in fact it’s Monday and they have to go to work. LOL.

I bet you did not know that Monday is said to be Suicide Day!

According to an article published on BBC News years back, the rate of committing suicide on Monday is quite high compared to weekends. e.g: 16% of male and 17% of female commit suicide on Monday compare to 13% on Weekends.

Now this one would probably shock you! – I also found that Monday is Heart Attack Day!

According to a British Medical Journal 20% increase in heart attacks have been observed on Monday compare to the other days of the week. The attacks could be caused by work load or work pressure from stress and high blood pressure. Can you believe that!

Now, What would it take to start the week fully charged? (And avoid a possible heart attack!)

Do you come back from your weekend needing another weekend to recover?(I actually have friends that do.)

Ironically, much of the “starting the week” stress is self-inflicted.

Ever start your day and realize that you forgot to plug-in your phone (esp. Blackberry wey the battery no dey last) the night before?

Unfortunately, many people do this with their body – And then they wonder why Mondays are so tough.

Start your monday Fully Charged!

If you want to start your week right, you need to take steps to take care of yourself and your obligations.

To Start the Week with Your Batteries Fully Charged (and avoid a possible heart attack) !

Get Enough Rest – Many people claim they need a weekend to recover from the work week. Ironically, when they get there, they end up getting less sleep (and more fun). Have the discipline to get the rest you need.

Start Early – It’s true, Opportunity favours the early. If you have to pick one day a week to get an early start, Monday would be the day. Start what ever it is you have for the day early.

Know Where You Are Going – Starting your week without reviewing your calendar is like driving your car with a blindfold, you are going to hit something. Know where you are going before the week starts. Review your calendar in advance.

Know What You Have to Do – Your todo list is very important. If you are unaware of what you have to do and when it is due, you are setting yourself up for a fall. Look at your list before you leave the house. You just might remind yourself of something you need to be ready for.

Workout – Want to start you week full of energy? Start it with a workout. Some fear that this will wear them out before they get to work or school. Quite the contrary. It will pump you up. And fill you with confidence!

Motivate Yourself – Need some inspiration to start your week? Read or listen to something motivational. I keep several of my motivational books, quotes, and even audio clips near by, in case I need that extra push to go out and attack the world.

Have A Positive Attitude – Bring your best attitude to the new week. Being positive can overcome many of the week’s obstacles. Your attitude defines your reality more than you think.

Always Charge Your Batteries

Don’t start your week on empty.

Start your week fully charged! – And any possible heart attack will be far away from you 🙂


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