How to instantly become a doro mega super star


Just after a particular MTN  2014 project fame performance, a house mate, Emeka – popularly known as ‘Emekus’ seemingly performed very well and everyone just had his name on their lips.. I even had to go the extra mile to vote clap for him.. Now the part I’m still yet to comprehend is how my fans friends, colleagues suddenly began calling me ‘emekus!’.  I mean..think about it.. That’s not fair. I dislike amusing nicknames and more so I have the right to choose a nickname myself if I must. Or don’t i?
I became particularly freaked out and I punched the first person that called me emekus! in the face because I hate my name twisted that way. Well I actually did not punch anybody, but the thought did flash through my head. Ironically, even though I don’t exactly like being called emekus, it perfectly works for him – the project fame contestant.

The popularity has grown so well that celebrities who randomly visit the house effortlessly call him Emekus!..One of the few names they recall easily I guess. Such attractiveness can get any one really far in a competition like that.

Another song titled Dorobucci (Still not sure what that means) currently deafening the naija music air waves has a popular line that goes.. *in my koredebello’s voice* “Doro Mega, Doro Super, Doro Mega Super Super Star o”
Now, that line sticks…And more interesting is the fact that KoredeBello has claimed that name “Mega Super Star”.  Even though he’s new and pretty young in the music scene, he not only thinks he’s a super star, he believes, affirms and calls himself by that catchphrase. Donjazzy on the other hand, from day 1 claimed the name “Don-Jazzy’’- today he’s arguably one of the richest music producers in Africa and commands a compelling influence in the Industry.

Again, Wizkid(One of Africa’s biggest acts) has claimed and affirmed the name Star Boy and just recently premier league’s Emmanuel Adebayor invited him over for dinner and referred to him as Africa’sStar Boy on a photo he posted on Instagram.

The glaring unique thing about these people and many alike is their deliberate decision to choose and focus on what they want their future to look to be by self-confessing and laying strong claims to greatness, as well as working incredibly hard. This gradually  becomes their reality.

Our imagination is the preview of our life coming attractions. Instead of thinking or saying we are not good enough at our art, our Jobs, our relationships, academics etc. , why not affirm genius and work really hard in that direction? Think about the difference that would make.

Life will be much better if we make conscious efforts to rewire our thought process to suit who we want to become and how we want to achieve that.

Imagine the difference this will make if you always believe that:

In what you’re currently doing you’re a mega super star.

The positive advantage is always yours.

Your personality is radiant with confidence and optimism.

Your attitude grows happier and healthier every single day.

You enjoy and love what you do.

You are becoming better at what you do everyday.

Your mind has unlimited power.

You’re grateful for receiving  ₦ … each month.

To a large extent as humans, we attract what we consistently and willfully desire.. The good thing about positive affirmations is that you are able to draw out true strength within you (Physically and mentally) and you are utilizing this to maintain your intentions in a positive manner. By creating positive feelings, we are more likely to allure positive energy all throughout our lives. We should never be afraid to say things we want become or achieve, instead we should use it as a motivation to succeed.

And remember, it is not enough to say & claim these things; it is also enormously essential to take deliberate actions to get what we want!

Congratulations on your journey to becoming a Mega Super Star! .. Send in your name right away to claim your $100 prize.




What names or affirmations have worked for you? Share with us!


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8 thoughts on “How to instantly become a doro mega super star

  1. okay, i will confess that when you said “positive affirmation” I was ready to come for you, in that I hear that alot and it makes me want to pull out my hair. I do love that your motion to hard work as well.

    we are seeing a time in which people just go around, positively claiming and affirming things, without wanting to lift a finger. I like the hard work component of the conversation because these celebs you’ve mentioned have taken the time to hone their craft.

    Great post Emeka.

  2. This positive affirmation is something I’m constantly battling to hold on to. It’s not easy, considering the makeup of a person I am, but I see it and I believe it.

  3. ” . . . it is not enough to say & claim these things; it is also enormously essential to take deliberate actions to get what we want!”

    That wraps it up. Okay, I want my $100 🙂

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