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Meet Fuji, a 3-year-old Nigerian photographer

little fuji in action


Just yesterday, CNN profiled this YOUNG photographer on Inside Africa.

While most children his age in Nigeria — and the rest of the world — are more concerned with their toys than a career, he has already embarked on his mission to become a professional photographer.

His Proud dad Pius Kugbere Remet, an artist and graphic designer,says Fuji’s inspiration came from the work of his creative family.

fuji snapping street scenes in Lagos

fuji snapping street scenes in Lagos


Hear his dad: “I hope he grows up to become a larger than life photographer, who’ll explore his natural platform to impact remarkably on the course of humanity.”

Below are some other amazing shots of fuji.


capturing portraits of his older sister, Onarietta

capturing portraits of his older sister, Onarietta


Amazing! Aren’t they?

Little Fuji even has an exhibition coming up in Lagos on June 8. Not bad for a three-year-old.



Do you think fuji is too young to kick-start a career already?  Share your thoughts!



4 Responses

  1. Oluchi Omeye says

    Wow! Dats too early. Wonder wat inspired him. Talk of, does he know wat he is doin. Anyway, he needs encouragement

  2. Dozzy says

    He should be encouraged by his parents. Fuji is a success story

  3. meritemp says

    Reblogged this on myidentitytemp and commented:
    “as the morning shows the day, so the child shows the man”

  4. Sharon Salu says

    Wow! And he’s just 3 years old. Talk about starting early …

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