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I was a member of the Band & choir back in secondary school, from JSS1 through SS3. I was arguably the best drummer in  the world Nigeria. Obviously that isn’t true. But I loved playing drums. I remember clearly how we would race to the band store room to ‘seize’ the drum sticks just so we can get to play during the general assembly. It was fun. We played, not just because we enjoyed playing but we wanted to impress those we played for – simply so they can be happy and hail us.

During my National youth service days in Akwaibom state, I hosted a Monday morning 30 minutes radio programme in a community radio station. A show I titled ‘Spark with Emekatalks’. It’s value proposition was basically to spark up everyone’s day. It was educative, informative and at the same time inspiring. I randomly gave out gifts and i realized that the listeners were happy and that act even drove more engagement to the show. The listeners developed an emotional connection with the show.

I believe You, Goodluck Jonathan and many others who often read this blog end up Happy. This is why I strive to always add value, through my blog posts.(True confession: I Actually I started this blog to dash you money because i want you to be Happy.)

Where am I going with all these?
Compassion. Compassion is organic. That desire to help people. Compassion creates happiness. It’s actually fun.
Most business today engages their clients bragging about what they have achieved over the years. Others in relationships are self-centered – it’s always about them. Truth is, People tend to listen to you if you care about them.
Imagine creating a new mental habit in our businesses, communication, and interaction with people.

Imagine whenever you meet a person, a client, a friend, a customer, your habitual instinctive first thought is “I want you to be happy”. Having this habit, this mental habit can change everything. Because this goodwill is unconsciously picked up by other people and it creates trust. and trust creates a lot of good working relationships.
Dalai Lama once said: “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.




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11 thoughts on “I want you to be happy

  1. Its a noble thing, commendable attitude, when you dedicated to wanting others to be happy. But this world is a basically fashioned out of both a selfish and greedy fabric, where everybody expects to get and not give. It makes the act of charity quite exhausting. But I admit, it can be a good feeling when you find you’ve done something, small or big, to make someone else happy.

    1. I agree with you, Walter. We can only hope for a better world.. That feeling when someone else is happy as a result of our actions, is simply priceless! Thanks for stopping by..

  2. There’s an old saying that, “a person attracts the energy that they are”. In other words, positive people attract other positive people; negative people attract negativity, and so on. Possessing a genuine interest in making others happy (if possible) is always mutually benefitting.

  3. Great post,

    keep up the good work. We need more Africans talking about the good things that will motivate change in the lives of others. We already have enough frustrating issues to deal with on the continent-talk less of in Nigeria.

  4. How true. Thanks for reminding me that fulfillment (happiness) comes not from acquiring more things, but helping others. It’s easy to forget this as we race towards success!

  5. I tried that once and the recipient took me for granted. Don’t think I’m up for more drama. Neeh. I believe its better (and safer) to be all about you. That way, there’s less palaver and everybody’s happy.

    Great writeup though. 🙂

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