An uncommon confession about Nigeria by an Asian

I really do appreciate you and everyone else who take time out to read and share their thoughts on here. A couple of non-Nigerians read this blog and often share their thoughts about the posts they read or the blog itself.  Recently, I read a comment on a post earlier published here,  posted by  a reader all the way from Vietnam, south-east Asia. I felt encouraged reading that comment. I mean, before I started this blog, I did not know this blog could:

– Change someone’s perception about Africa and Nigeria completely.

– Help someone learn and improve their English vocabulary.

– Help someone begin their day energised.

– Help someone…Alright, please go ahead and read her comments..

See the full text of her comment below:

“Hi, emeka
I’m Bang, I’m from VietNam. Accidentally, it’s so lovely to have a chance to read your blog.

Fact that in the past, I didn’t have a good thought about Africa. I don’t know much about your country, just something like an insecure policy, high population… And there are some Vietnamese who duped by African… Yes, this title appeared on newspaper makes us be on the alert with African much.

But my thought has changed since the first time I read your blog.
Really that, my thought changed completely about African.

The first thing I regconized that, you are the African and you’re from Nigeria. In VietNam, there are some inspirers but I still choose the blog of foreigner to read to cultivate my english vocabularies. I read ur blog everyday, it took me lots of time to translate with many new words, but I did it day by day. Do u believe that some times, when I get up, the first thing I remember is your blog. Yes, how to begin a new day, it seems you give me much energy, give me the motivation to pratice my english skill, I can feel myself better day by day…

I admire inspirers, and of course, I admire you much Emeka talks.

When we have the positive thought, we bring it to our friends, the people around us. Larger is the strangers, the people we haven’t meet yet… The inspirers give many things that we can not see it by eyes. If a person has positive thought, he or she will begin acting.. Act to make the better world. It’s much great! And I can regconize it from your blog. That is why I read it everyday.
I have ever read somewhere that Singrapo is good when they recognize that people is the main features if they want to develop their country. Saudi too, they know that their mineral oil will become exhausted in future, so they let their people go abroad to study and comeback to help their country… It means, the people, the generation is the main future to decide a country developing or not. Inspire positive thinking for generation, inspirers are making the great thing!!!

And since this day, my thought for African changed completely. I talked to African on the street on my own initiative. I shared them where is the interested place in Vietnam and which food is delicous. I introduce them some import- export service when they want to buy something from Vietnam to sell in Nigeria… I’m happy for this.

I really want to travel Nigeria at least once time in my life. I search about Nigeria and feel something good, interest, and beautiful in places and people. I want to travel and comeback to tell my friends, there are a lot of great things in the country which they think the people live with wars.

Oh, I will bring a coke with your name Emeka to give you, too…!!!

Maybe as a blogger you will be under pressure. Lots of opposite opinions and maybe sometime in your life, you will ask yourself why u must do that… But believe in your dream to contribute to a better world, everything will be Ok.

Thank for you blog, Emeka Talks ( Maybe somewhere wrong in grammar and vocabularies).”




 Has your pereception about a country, a person, a tribe, religion etc changed after an experience? Share with us.

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14 thoughts on “An uncommon confession about Nigeria by an Asian

  1. Yemisi Agusto

    This is awesome! Thank you Bang for writing this, and thank you Emeka for sharing it.

    1. Emeka

      Thanks for reading Yemisi 🙂

  2. Mr. D

    Bang thanks for speaking out. Emekatalks thanks for contributing to the much desired change we crave to see in Nigeria and Africa at large. God’s Grace Sir

    1. Emeka

      Thanks Mr. D for your support always

  3. Remilekun

    I’m happy to have been able to read your blog

    1. Emeka

      I am also happy you read our blog, Remilekun. Feel free to always drop by at any time 🙂

  4. livelytwist

    A printed book may never have reached her hands, but a blog on the internet bridged the distance. Reading shapes perception. Emeka kudos for being a brand ambassador. And Bang, kudos for writing a long comment and practising your English 🙂

    1. Emeka

      True, Timi. Talk about the power of #Tech. Thanks for reading 🙂

  5. Naijamum

    This is awesome and so inspiring. Lesson learnt, we should keep blogging and doing whatever little we can do in our own part of the world, who knows? Somebody’s life might be touched, perception might be changed, the world might just get better etc. Well done Emeka and Bang if you are reading this, we love you all the way from Nigeria.

    1. Emeka

      True! Thanks Mummy

  6. George Carl

    Chaz B, of blessed memory once said, ‘If one could reach one, then one could teach one’. welldone sir for affecting lives in your own little way.

    1. Emeka

      Thank you, George.

  7. Adaeze

    If only we knew the weight of our words, we won’t utter them lightly. I’m so glad your blog is touching lives, endorsements like these are worth far more than silver and gold.

    1. Emeka

      Thanks Adaeze, for the support always!

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