How a simple gift can complete your Christmas


It’s Christmas in Nigeria, and of course all over the world. I have observed that Nigerians on fuel queues are trying not to be as furious as before and are very hopeful that Nigeria will get better. Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ and it is a holiday tradition all over the Christian world. It is also the busiest year for most of us – People travel all over the world to celebrate this season.

Celebration of Christmas is usually a reflection of the love and selflessness thought by the savior. Giving, not getting, brings to full bloom the Christmas spirit. We reach out in love to help those in need, our hearts are softened, enemies are forgiven, friends are remembered and God is obeyed. It’s a time when we look beyond our busy lives and become more interested in people than in things. The Christmas spirit is the Christ’s spirit that makes our hearts glow in brotherly love and true friendship, amplifying the kindness in us.

Christians are taught all over the world to give to give as the savior gave, gifts that have eternal value – gifts of Understanding, friendship, of kindness and gentleness. Gifts that will make a difference in other people’s lives. True happiness they say, only comes from making others happy.

For the first time in several months I have gotten a gift of 48 hours of uninterrupted power supply in Nigeria! This is not the kind of gift I can forget in a hurry, a gift that has empowered me with the confidence to write this post.

But do we have to wait till Christmas to remember Christ, give gifts, send text messages, to eat uncontrollably?

Do we really need to wait for Christmas to forgive others, extend genuine kindness, and become more interested in people than things?

Do we have to wait for Christmas to experience uninterrupted power supply in Nigeria our homes?

Imagine how much better the world will be if we all gave these gifts of understanding and compassion, service and friendship, kindness and gentleness – and ofcourse if we have uninterrupted power supply in Nigeria.

Here’s wishing you a joy filled Christmas, and may this incredible time of giving and spending time with family bring you immeasurable happiness!



How are you celebrating this Christmas? Share with us!


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4 thoughts on “How a simple gift can complete your Christmas

  1. Compliment of the Season Emeka.

    That is a wonderful Christmas gift and I do see why it is special (smile)

    There is so much potential for Nigeria in 2016. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy New year.

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