A ‘Personal’ tribute to Michael Jackson by P-square



I literally jumped to my feet when he scored.  He hardly scores, but this time it was an excellence display of class. Mikel Obi had just equalized against Uruguay. The African champions needed that goal and he got it. 1-1 the scoreline after the first half. Nigeria was happy. Africa was happy. I love watching soccer especially when Nigeria play. The story changed at the end of 2nd half. we lost the confederations cup game against Uruguay. some say the Super Eagles out played them. it ended 2-1 in favor of Uruguay. I was sad. Even though staying up for 2hours from 11pm through 1am without a win or draw  wasn’t funny to me at all, i was impressed with the way the Eagles played. OK, enough of the soccer talk.

A particular music video  trending on the social media just after that match caught my attention. Out of curiosity  i briskly downloaded and watched it. I watched it AGAIN. Excitement came to my face. Now, it wasn’t  about the lyrics of the song or message – it was simply about the creativity, the inventiveness, the energy, and the beauty of dance. It was more like a tribute to the legend of dance. Micheal Jackson. It reminded me of his class. A man who influenced the whole world with his music and dance. P-square, multiple award wining Nigerian talented  twins had just released the video. They call it “Personally”.

peter and paul (p-square)
peter and paul (p-square)

I call it a personal tribute to Michael Jackson. watch creativity in a music video and maybe you could give it a name too 🙂


watch video below

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  1. JMAD

    Nice concept. The fusion of African and Pop dance.

  2. 9jagirl

    Thank you for following my blog. God bless!

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